Rendering with Radiance v1.1 (PDF)

Randolph M. Fritz
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Rendering with Radiance: The Art and Science of Lighting Visualization

Greg Ward Larson and Rob Shakespeare

Whether the task is to render production-quality animations, design a museum gallery, or present an accurate facsimile of a site in court, Rendering with Radiance is an invaluable resource.

With this book, Greg Ward Larson and Rob Shakespeare provide a comprehensive tutorial and reference for the Radiance open source lighting simulation and rendering system. Radiance is a unique suite of lighting visualization programs that is capable of physically-based rendering of existing, imagined, or reconstructed scenes. The potential benefits of this facility to computer graphics practitioners, illumination engineers, and designers are enormous, and this unique book makes these benefits accessible.

Rendering with Radiance is the only source which provides a unified exposition of the Radiance system. It is a critical reference for designers who want to learn and use Radiance and developers who want to integrate Radiance into their applications and a valuable reference for engineers and scientists who want to understand lighting simulation.

This edition, v1.1, is the fourth printing, reflecting Radiance 5.2. It contains small updates from the original book; command names have been updated and the hdr file extension has been adopted throughout the book. There are various minor updates to the text as well.

PDF file, optimized for display. xv + 664 pages.

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Rendering with Radiance v1.1 (PDF)

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